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Breaking news for Canberra Matrix

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Canberra Matrix Calculator

ACT Critical List and Canberra Matrix Nomination Guideline have been Changed.

The changes will take immediate effect once uploaded to the website and current policy settings will not be applied retroactively. This means that a Canberra Matrix submitted in the last six months will be assessed against the new ACT Nomination Guidelines.

Key points:

• The minimum hourly requirement an applicant must work per week has been reduced (from 20 to 15 for a 491 and from 35 to 30 for a 190).

• Employment does not need to be fully continuous. Applicants need to meet the employment requirements for a set number of weeks in a given period (13 weeks out of 15 for a 491 and 26 out of 30 for a 190).

• Applicants can now obtain ACT nomination for a 491 visa with ‘Competent’ English at the date of Canberra Matrix submission

• The minimum threshold for 482 visa holders has been reduced. – Applicants can now receive an invitation at 60 points.

• Applicants claiming more than 2 years of ACT residence can be away from Canberra for up to 12 weeks in a year.

• Someone can claim ACT residence points for any period they were living in Canberra while working in Queanbeyan (for example) in addition to being able to claim points for any period they are living in Queanbeyan while working in Canberra.

• Please note: the eligibility criteria have not changed, applicants must still work in Canberra at the date of Canberra Matrix submission to be eligible for ACT nomination.