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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canberra matrix and how does it work?
The Canberra Matrix is weighted to ensure that applicants who will make/have made a positive economic contribution to the Territory and/or have demonstrated a genuine commitment to the ACT are more likely to be ranked and invited to apply for ACT nomination. Read the eligibility criteria carefully.


What do I need to do before completing the Canberra matrix?
Before completing the Canberra Matrix you must read the ACT nomination guidelines carefully to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for ACT nomination. If you are invited to apply for ACT nomination, your supporting documentation must evidence your eligibility and the Matrix score claimed at the date you submitted the Matrix.


Are you eligible to claim matrix points for your Canberra nomination?
There is no guarantee that your Matrix score will be ranked, even if you meet the eligibility criteria. The Canberra Matrix is completed for both ACT 491 nomination and ACT 190 nomination. Read the criteria carefully and make sure you are eligible to claim Matrix points. Enter your personal information.

Skilled Migration & Business Migration - Canberra Matrix